Monday , June 27 2022

The OAS condemns the International Criminal Court for failing to act in Venezuela


(CNN) – The American Provincial Organization (OAS) condemned the International Criminal Court (ICC) for inaction in the face of human rights violations in Venezuela, according to a new report released by the OAS on Wednesday.

The new report, entitled “Punishment fostering: the impact of the absence of an investigation by the International Criminal Court prosecutor on the potential commission of crimes against humanity in Venezuela,” was presented at an online press conference chaired by the Secretary General of the OAS Luis Almagro.

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“Every day of inaction is a day where the suffering of the people of Venezuela is allowed to continue,” said Almagro, who asked international prosecutors to speed up investigations into the alleged crimes committed by the security forces of President Nicolás’s government interrogated. Mature.

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Among other findings, the report identifies 18,093 judicial executions and 15,501 arbitrary detentions since 2014, based on evidence collected by UN investigators, independent academics, and NGOs contacted by the OAS.

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“Our action today is not an attack on the prosecution, but a call to action alone,” said Jared Genser, the report’s author and special adviser to the OAS.

The International Criminal Court first announced that it is investigating allegations of crimes against humanity in Venezuela in 2018.

Argentina, Canada, Chile, Colombia, Paraguay, and Peru jointly accused Maduro of human rights violations and referred Venezuela to court in September 2018.

In 2020, the Maduro government also filed a complaint with the ICC for alleged crimes against humanity as a result of sanctions imposed by the United States and urged prosecutors to investigate.

Both investigations are not yet complete.

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Prior to a CNN inquiry, the Venezuelan Foreign Administration indicated that it currently has no statement regarding an OAS report filed this Wednesday.

In the past, the government of the President questioned Nicolás Maduro confirmed that all human rights and democratic freedoms are enjoyed and that officials who have committed human rights violations are punished.

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