Wednesday , March 3 2021

The InSight auditor grows successfully on Mars and sends his first picture

This is the eighth time NASA arrives at Mars, this time with a mission to study the red planet.

After several minutes of breaking, we have confirmed that NASA has confirmed that the inSight look He successfully managed the surface of Mars and has already sent his first photograph of the red planet.

The event took place at 19:53 GMT after seven years of work and almost seven months of space travel, where it was the most complex just the "seven minutes of terrorism" of the access process to InSight to blanket, especially its fall and "landing" because unexpected conditions could spoil the mission.

Fortunately, everything went by the plan, highlighting the operation of the parachute and the use of retro-rockets to reduce the speed of 19,800 km / h to 8 km / h.

All these tension moments were broadcast live and the successful collection was celebrated in a great way by NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory Management Center in Pasadena, California, from where they got the first picture sent by the InSight auditor that they were be able to see below:

InSight Test

As discussed earlier, this $ 993 million auditor will explore and study the Mars area to learn important information about how the planet was formed 4,500 million years ago and how it evolves throughout history. For this the device has the sensors and instruments that allow various elements of analysis, including seismic vibrations and ground emission of the ground.

You can follow the InSight auditor's operations from your NASAInSight account on Twitter.

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