Friday , October 30 2020

The importance of exercise during pregnancy: National Award for Sports Medicine

Exercise is more than advising you to lead a healthy lifestyle, likewise if pregnancy allows, exercise is positive for the mother and baby in the future. And it's exactly investigation focus on this subject, which has received the subject National Award for Sports Medicine.

The work is focused on knowing cardiometabolic benefits short and long term exercise pregnancy a before pregnancy in the woman and in her descendant.

National Sports Medicine Research Award

To do this work, we investigated 1,348 healthy pregnant women, all non-contraindicated to exercise, selected through 2 randomized clinical trials carried out by the same research team, where researchers from Hospital 12 de Octubre, the University, is also involved. Madrid European University, Madrid Polytechnic University, European University Miguel de Cervantes and Alcalá University.

Short term benefits of exercise during pregnancy

  • the powerful protective effect of pregnancy exercise on preventing high blood pressure and diabetes during pregnancy, t
  • beneficial against gaining excessive weight on the mother
  • reduce the risk of macrosomia in the newborn baby (born with more than 4 kg) t
  • key in the predisposition to obesity and obesity to the new generation

The long-term benefits of exercise during pregnancy

  • effective in restoring pre-pregnancy weight from the mother
  • lower risk of postnatal maternal cardiac complications
  • in the baby, reducing the risk of obesity and obesity in childhood, especially in the first year t

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