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The ending of TB in America by the year 2030 is a practical challenge


Tuberculosis is the most fatal infectious disease in the world. Every day nearly 4500 people die because of this disease and around 30,000 create this curable and preventable disease.

If the current rise in the fight against tuberculosis accelerates and dies and the incidence of the disease decreases, the Americas region can achieve the goal of ending this disease in the next decade, t says the Pan American Health Foundation. World TB Day

To achieve this goal, the American Health Foundation encourages the implementation of the necessary measures "to close the attention gaps" of people suffering from the disease, t ensure early diagnosis thanks to the new technologies available, and not leave behind the most vulnerable populations.

As an additional measure, he called for "sustainable funding" of national programs to combat tuberculosis.

"Although the American region has reduced new cases and mortality from tuberculosis in the last 15 years, it is only possible if these developments are accelerated that the disease can be best served," said Departmental director. Communicable Diseases and Environmental Determinants. of Health of PAHO, Marcos Espinal.

During the year 2017, the World Health Organization estimated that there were 282,000 new cases and relapses in America in America, 11% of which were people living with HIV.

Ten countries accounted for 87% of cases of tuberculosis, five of them, Brazil, Colombia, Haiti, Mexico and Peru, reported two thirds of all cases and deaths.

The number of victims of tuberculosis in the region during 2017 is estimated to be 24,000. Among them was 6,000 "simulated with HIV," according to the PAHO report published in September 2018.

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Bacteria The species Mycobacterium tuberculosis, the main offender of tuberculosis. (Photo: CDC)

Campaign motto in 2019, "It is time to operate. The end of tuberculosis" seeks to accelerate compliance with the agreements reached by heads of state during the first UN High Level Meeting on Tuberculosis, t held in September last year.

It should be borne in mind that ending tuberculosis is part of the UN's Sustainable Development Goals goals and that the World Health Organization's End of Tuberculosis strategy aims to reduce deaths from disease by 90%, and frequency (new annual outbreaks) ) 80% by the year 2030.

According to the American Pan Health Organization, tuberculosis stability is largely to two factors: the social and economic inequalities that remain in the region.

More than 50,000 people in America, almost half of them under the age of 15, do not know they have the disease or have had treatment. The use of a new approach that could contribute to the closure of the gap, rapid molecular diagnostic tests, was limited to 13% of diagnoses cases, achieving a slight improvement compared to 9% in 2016. (Source: UN)

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