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The dramatist and film maker Ugo Ulive died in Caracas


Ulive (right) directs one of the actors during filming "One day and Judas" | By courtesy of Mario Handler

Ugo Ulive, an actor, director, playwright and film maker of Uruguay, died in the city of Caracas at the age of 85. Although the reasons for the death have not been explained, it is known that the intellectual suffers from it Alzheimer's & for several years. I can survive by his wife, Mercedes Schnell, a doctor and a psychotherapist.

Born in Montevideo In the year 1933, Ugo Ulive Melgar began acting at the age of 12 in the Sunday children's radio program Company zarzuelas a sainetes Orejón, directed by Fernando Orejón at the time. Three years later he became part of the Teatro del Pueblo, a group later known as The El Galpón Theater Institute. During his stay he / she is recognized with the best actor's award Montevide theater houseor by its interpretation in The three sisters or Chekhov.

At the age of 22 he directs The center died in the morning, the dramatist Agustín Cuxxani, and a year later becoming part of permanent teaching staff for the aspirants who wanted to enter the El Galpón.

In 1961 he traveled to Havana, where he referred Theatrical National Theater and sets up a National School of Dramatic Arts, where he continues to be a teacher several years. In 1967 an invitation to work on the Cardiff city independent theater circuit Caracas, an invitation to the one who attends and converts the capital of the Venezuelan in what he would be home until the date of his death.

As a film maker, he produced, in the 1950s, short films Waiting, The official a The attempt, everyone in a league with Ferruccio Musitelli. This work leads to the movie As Uruguay does not exist, The have criticized during Cinearte competition of SODRE in 1960. In Cuba, he made the feature movie Chronic Cuban in 1963 and document document Elections in 1967. From her most important film, They come to Judas (1959), no copies will be kept.

In Caracas it's become a fundamental part of the new group, a company founded in 1967 by Isaac Chocrón, Roman Chalbaud to José Ignacio Cabrujas. Between 1967 and 1976 he directed titles like And the tigress by Murray Schisgal, History and sw by Edward Albee, Return home by Harold Pinter, Comedy du by Peter Schaffer, The girls by Jean Genet, Cofia Tulipa by Manuel Reguera Saumell, It's hot here without Aníbal Nazoa, Those periods by Harold Pinter, If you do not go too close o Simon Gray, The Japanese do not wait by Ricardo Talesnik, The one-eyed man is a king by Carlos Fuentes, Harlequin, a server of two patterns o Carlo Goldoni, among others.

With the work TO3 (1972) Municipal Theater Award in 1975. In 1993, 18 years later, he received in Venezuela the National Theater Award, the biggest difference for the creators of this art in the country.

As a dramatist, he covered texts by Shakespeare like Hamlet a Romeo a Juliet. He is also famous for his adaptation The hell of the people, by H. Ibsen. Among her most recognized work she's standing out Macabre's wedding, The Fire test, The Reynaldo, The Cwm masks a After and always.

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