Monday , August 15 2022

"The Dead Walking" 9×15: our review with SPOILERS | Television | Series


In nine years, "The Walking Dead"It's been incredible when converting the original comic, which, after a week, brings a SPOILERS problem: those reading the original material can't be surprised by what is; n happen on television.

That stimulates the production to make changes, usually with details that do not affect the main story of the comic. In this chapter on this Sunday, "The Calm Before", one before the end of term, would say that only minor adaptations were inadequate.

As the communities refused to distribute to Lydia (Cassady McClincy), Alpha (Samantha Morton) is embedding the Kingdom's fairness for their own interests. The episode began with an unusual scene: the flash rebate to an unknown couple after they arrived at Hilltop.

Alpha kills them without mercy, which was already a sign that something bad is going to happen. The first half of the chapter reinforces this by doing the opposite: it shows that the survivors are very happy, ready for a bright future.

A few years ago, I read the comic that adapted this arch and I thought I couldn't be surprised when I got to the screen, but the last minutes of "The Calm Before" was the biggest strain I've seen ".The Walking Dead"since the death of Glenn and Abraham at the beginning of the seventh term.

Finding logic in Alpha's plans no longer makes sense. Unlike other opponents, he behaves more like a beast. Set up before seso, although their plans threaten to destroy their community because of the risk they have.

But unlike the animals, Alpha has a malice which led to it choosing the majority of its victims.

To prevent the Kingdom, Alexandria and Hilltop from approaching their group, Alpha draws a boundary with 10 steps. And on each portion, head: Tara, Enid, Tammy and many other survivors. We do not see this boundary until it is too late, when the characters have already identified their final fate off screen, their deaths as inevitable.

Henry's head (Matt Lintz) is there too.

Of course, Carol (Melissa McBride) is being destroyed. Daryl comes with her, as well as season 2, when everyone discovered that Sophia was the zombies in the barn.

Alpha victims were well chosen: teenagers, recent adoptive mothers, leaders, doctor apprentice. Enough to balance the short peace in this world. But this act of violence does not cause retaliation immediately, because " tThe Walking Dead"It takes the time to grieve the dead."

It would have been easy to put the screen in black and pass the credits, but Siddiq, witness of the disaster, says its version. And then Lydia bids farewell to Henry in the place where he got his head. But neither she nor Daryl, who defends her, crosses the border.

Most likely, in the next chapter, "The Storm" (season finale), as well as season 10, the expected war against the Whisperers will occur; where the sea of ​​zombies that Alpha threatens to release will play a key role. Meanwhile, the pain continues.

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