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The country's refineries are at 30% level, according to the Deputy Millar


According to the senator, this makes it difficult for the process of domestic gas processing and distribution to Venezuelans homes, and said that "Falcon refinery is the only one that is" working, the rest of the refineries are paralyzed "

Y Pitcher
| The Pool

November 12, 2018 10:29 pm

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At a press conference hosted by the party First Justice, during the morning of this Monday, November 12, the deputy before the National Assembly for Wales (TheAN), Jorge Millán, that refineries in the country can reach 30%, which made it difficult for domestic gas to be processed and distributed to Venezuelan homes, and said that "Falcon refinery is & # 39 ; the only one who works, from the rest of the refineries is paralyzed. "

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He added that "it is unfortunately that this destruction also affects a problem that we have been bringing (…), which will lead us to a crisis than we already have, namely, gasoline."

The senator said that "he is already banned to travel the country because nobody knows if you can get gasoline bombs in the inside by moving your vehicle."

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