Saturday , January 16 2021

The Bereshit Israel spacecraft sends a stunning picture as it goes to the Moon

The Bereshit spacecraft continues to launch incredible images of the space while completing another successful move on Monday. After launching from Florida in February, the unmanned aircraft built by Israel is expected to land on the moon on April 11.

SpaceIL engineering team and Israel Aerospace Industry said they were performing remotely, which started and ran the spacecraft for 72 seconds.

"The teams evaluate the results of the movement to determine whether another movement will be needed before going towards the moon," he said.

The move on Monday prepared for "Moon Capture", a complex movement where Berehsit will enter the moon's gravity and orbit it before landing. In recent weeks it has been rotating the earth.

The engineering team, based in Yehuda, in the middle of Israel, has a rare photograph of the earth of about 10,000 miles away, the closer it will be to the earth before starting on the next part. his journey.

Last week, Bereshit took an amazing video of the dawn of the space and took photos of selfis with the Earth.

Bereshit, which is called the Hebrew word for the Book of Genesis, is the smallest of these crafts by weight: only 1.5 m is measured. about 2 m. to 600 kg. (about 1,300 pounds) The initial cost of this initiative is $ 100 million, less costly compared to other deep space projects.

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