Thursday , June 30 2022

The bagpipers celebrate their Day in homage to the "Monumental" Ricardo Aguirre


Every November 8 Zulia commemorates another year of the departure of Ricardo Aguirre who ignored the pipes with a legacy that could not be replanted throughout his life as a bagpiper.

In order to pay homage to an excellent poet, the rhythm singers of the pascuero, authorities and people in general decreased the date as Piper's Day, and a celebration was sealed for the rest of the time.

Although the bags in the state, and especially the Zulia capital, are heard throughout the year, the most possible musical expression of Zulia will expire in all parts of the state and from Venezuela, going back to December.

In honor of this day, commemorations and different activities are celebrated in Maracaibo. The city dresses have a main address, the bags. Between concerts and masses, Ricardo Aguirre's memory continues in the Zulian feeling year after year.

On behalf of him, President of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela, Nicolás Maduro Moros, congratulated this day "congratulates everyone who brings joy, with their talent, to Venezuelan people, by genre and pipes ".

@ NicholasMaduro We celebrate "Piper's Day", in honor of my dear and always remember, Ricardo Aguirre "El Monumental". I would like to congratulate everyone who stimulates and brings joy, with their talent, to Venezuelan people, through the bag genre. A valid expression of the Zulian feeling!

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