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The AN rejected the "unconstitutional" designation of ambassadors


November 21, 2018 01:15 AM

In the common session yesterday, the deputies approved the National Assembly for an agreement in rejecting the unqualified appointment of ambassadors and heads of diplomatic trips, and declared the power of the actions that move forward.

The Senate emphasized that the Republic is not committed to complying with the agreements or agreements made by these diplomats or be liable to be responsible, as "these people cause crimes o use functions ".

Francisco Sucre, president of the Foreign Policy Commission, was responsible for submitting the draft agreement; He argued that these designations breach Article 187, which provides the Legislative authority to authorize the appointment of permanent diplomatic trips.

Sucre said, because they had "political officials," who were appointed without prior authorization from the AN, the State faced a legal case against The Hague by Guyana.

"In favor of having an overseas policy with the aim of protecting party political interests such as the PSUV, who have used the Ministry of Foreign Affairs as a tool to meet partial interests, Venezuela is facing a demand that affects the national interests represented by the departure from the country to the Atlantic and many oil reserves in the area claim, "he said.

Deputy Marialbert Barrios confirmed that the decline in the overseas service began in 2005, with the second revision of Foreign policy law who establishes "that 100% of diplomatic officials are treated by the president when he was previously, in the democracy, the Executive appointed 30%".

He noted that this year's government shows "impressive excuses" with Official Gazette No. 41337, from February 7, and 41517, from 5 November, where the Ministry of Foreign Affairs communicates that Venezuelan diplomats before Italy, France and Uruguay will perform the functions of other ambassadors before the UN Institute for Food and Agriculture, United Nations Institute for Education, Science and Culture and for the Common Common Market – the Association of Latin America Integration.

"These citizens are not diplomatic career and do not respond to professionalism, for that reason they do not go through the AN because they are there to respond to ideological and party interests," he said. .

He called the senator to authenticate the Constitution and raise the word "in every corner of the world so that Venezuela can save the State, the organization, and what people most need , namely change, well-being and prosperity. "

Lawyer Carlos Valero ensured that the appointment of "36 PSUV international secretaries" in embassies will deepen the economic crisis and will damage the treatment towards more than 3.5 million migrant Missinists .

He referred to Roy Chaderton, as an ambassador to the Vatican, to still be unofficial. "Chaderton was eager to say on television that the bullets when they entered the stunning skull sounded empty because there was nothing there. Look at This huge cardiac revolution has been stolen, which sends the character of Saint Saint with so much moral and diplomatic abilities, "he said.

He emphasized that the government had made, apart from the constitution, with the designations that "a kit in advance to the illegal states that Maduro and his organization have decided to travel."

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