Thursday , August 18 2022

Texas Rangers are thinking of stealing an ex-Yankee pitcher


The Rangers of Texas make it clear that they go with everything for the veteran JJ Happ, who entered free agency after being one of the Yankees, but has not ruled it out of its radar in the MLB.JJ Happ an unrestricted free agent, though Yankees They have announced that if they are interested in renewing it, but now a new adversary has emerged, they are the right ones Rangers of Texalooking for a regular-priced veteran opener.

So far the Rangers of Texas they only have Lance Lynn as an elite pitcher, so it wouldn’t hurt to look for him Happy to reinforce the rotation a bit more.

Here is the report:

Happy He is coming off a 2-2 record with a 3.47 ERA in 9 games with 47.1 pitched innings and 42 strikeouts. He was selected to the All-Star Game in the MLB 2017 with the Toronto Blue Jays.

But nevertheless, JJ Happ is a 37-year-old veteran who has dealt with some injuries in recent seasons, which means he is more likely to sign a one-term contract on the minimum wage in the MLB 2020.

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