Thursday , February 25 2021

Sudeban oversees the operation of the electronic payments system

The Supervisory of Banking Sector Organizations (Sudeban) held a follow-up meeting on Monday with representatives of Venezuela Central Bank, Credit Card Consortium, Inter-Bank Card and Network Operators with the aim of overseeing the defined plans to go to & # 39 ; addressing the transactional increase in order of year.

In addition, evaluate the operation of the electronic payment system when addressing the incorporation of sales point suppliers authorized by the supervisory body.

In this regard, he asked banking organizations and card operators to expand and consolidate monitoring plans to ensure they cover all available pay channels and thus prevent the effects of those; Having an impact on the technological platform, the agency told the press release. .

Actions defined by banking organizations, card operators and interconnected networks include updating central computers and electronic banking platform (discussion suck, administrators, databases); greater processing and storage capability, operating system updates; renewal of security equipment and the operation of contingency plans.

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