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SPECIAL: Analysis of the first week of test 2019

After the first week of the 2019 preseason test of Formula 1, in 'F1 a' Day we examined in depth what teams have rolled over on the Montmeló asphalt and what have been the best records of each pilot. Will we give it with unexpected data?

Hamilton, in Montmeló

1st Mercedes: 610 turns

Brackley's men have not highlighted precisely in the timescale during the first week, but they have made it clear that they have an almost unconquerable reliability. They have completed a total of 610 turns, being Lewis Hamilton, with 307, the most active one has been shown on track to the W10 commands. However, The best time has collapsed in Valtteri Bottas (1: 17.857), although it is true that he has recorded it with the hyperbolic tire, while his partner has done it with a harder compound, the C4. Still, it is worth noting that both have dropped from 1:18, something that only seven pilots have achieved this week. In addition, next to Renault, is the only team that has counted with his two official riders on track during the four days of testing.

2nd Ferrari: 598 turns

Unlike its most direct rival in the fight for the Championship, Ferrari yes has been seen at the top of the table, and he has done it by the hand of his two riders, Sebastian Vettel and Charles Leclerc. Despite this, it is striking that Maranello's men have not tried a quick turn with the softer tires. On the other hand, and just as it has happened in Mercedes, there has been a great equity in what the number of turns has been completed, although It has been Vettel who has rolled more on the track (303). Despite this, the fastest return of the team falls into the hands of Charles Leclerc, who has managed to beat his garage companion thanks to a record of 1: 18.046 with soft gums.

Giovinazzi, in Montmeló

3rd Alfa Romeo: 507 turns

Undoubtedly, the team of Hinwil has been one of the great surprises of this first week of test. And it is that Alfa Romeo not only has shown great solidness on the asphalt, but has made a promising rhythm. So much so Kimi Räikkönen has marked the fourth best time of the week (1: 17,762), although he has been his teammate, Antonio Giovinazzi, the one that has rolled in a track with a total of 255 runners, being also the most active pilot on the asphalt during Thursday yesterday, since he completed up to 154 turns. As a note to highlight, His best time was recorded with the C3 tire, that is to say, two compounds harder than that of Kimi.

4th Toro Rosso: 482 turns

Alfa Romeo, the other great surprise of these tests. And it is that it is noted that the Italian team faces their second year next to Honda, since The alliance with the Nipones seems to have been consolidated. While the times are still not too indicative at this level of the year, it is always advisable to see how their two drivers have reached the Top 3 in the timescale. Alexander Albon, the fastest of the men of Faenza (1: 17,637), has a great advantage regarding his partner in what he refers to, as He has completed a total of 268 turns, versus 214 by Daniil Kvyat, which rolled very little on the first day of tests.

5th Red Bull: 475 turns

It has been the most anticipated team that has risen during this week due to its association with Honda, but It has been far from becoming the most active. Milton Keynes's have not only rolled less than "their little sister Toro Rosso," but we must go back to the back of the table to find them in the time table. Pierre Gasly has been the best of the team in this regard thanks to a 1: 18,780 chron with soft gums, surpassing his companion at 7 millions. Also, the distance with Verstappen in what has been referred to is very short, then the French has consumed 238 turns, while the number '33', a total of 237.

6th McLaren: 445 turns

Being the sixth team in a number of turns should not be a great news, Not to be, of course, that you call McLaren and your antecedent preliminary proof backgrounds are stupid. In that case, we should qualify as "success" that the Woking men have managed to accumulate 236 turns from the hand of the Norris Country and other 209 along with Carlos Sainz. Nothing to do with previous season numbers. Yes, they have not been exempt from any other technical problem. The best time of the British team has marked the Norris Country debutant (1: 18.43) with the ultrasound compound. It is half second slower than Hamilton with the same gums. You would like the English to be so close when the competition begins, although it is never known.

7th Renault: 433 turns

The French team in these tests is a face and a cross. The RS19 seems to have a good rhythm. In fact, Nico Hükenberg has been the fastest pilot of the week (1: 17,333) in his classification simulation with the C5 tire, but the French team's filing has been insufficient to carry out a good configuration of the monoplaza. Without a doubt, much work ahead to those of Enstone in the coming days if they want to reverse the situation. Even so, Renault remains equally strong than last Monday. The one who, without a doubt, should "put the batteries", it is Daniel Riccardo, who has only completed 186 turns despite having left the track four days, that is, his average is of just over 46 turns per day. Something very worrying for a pilot whose purpose is to become the leader in the middle area of ​​the grill. The figure of Hülkenberg is not remarkable, although the German has been more solid in the asphalt when rolling 247 turns.

8th Haas: 384 turns

We start with one of the skateboards this week. After being presented under a completely renovated design and with the clear objective of redefining the past mistakes, Haas has not started with his new footsteps. So much is that on Wednesday's day it has come to provoke up to 3 red flags. Crazy Despite this, they were helped from an acceptable day last to amend their little shooting at the beginning of the week. The most we have seen on track has been to Romain Grosjean, with a total of 198 rounds, while Kevin Magnussen has only been able to conform with 125, partly due to his back problems during the day of Tuesday, which made him leave the session before time. The remaining rounds correspond to Pietro Fittipaldi, pilot of the United States team. The best time of Haas falls into the hands of Grosjean, with 1: 18,563 with soft gums.

9th Racing Point: 248 laps

Disappointing It is the adjective that best summarizes the first week of this team. His new owner, the renewed name of the entity and the arrival of Lance Stroll, for now, have not been reflected on the track. Silverstone's men have shown no performance, no strength, nor rhythm. In addition, they have not even tried a quick turn with the softer gums. With his poor baggage a few times, it is not surprising that his two drivers have done so little act of presence on the track. Sergio Pérez has not reached a hundred times (97). Despite this, it has better mean than Ricciardo; so that you make an idea of ​​the bad balance of the Renault driver. For his part, Lance Stroll himself has been able to know his new car more thoroughly thanks to having completed 151 turns. The best time of the team is also due to Canada, 1: 19,664. A record very distant from the rest of the rivals. Albeit the less worrying, very badly, these are the crimes.

10th Williams: 88 turns

You no longer know how to analyze what happened with this mythical team. Williams did not even jump to the track in the first two days of testing, and in the third, as if he had not done it either, since George Russell did not appear until in the afternoon and only rolled 23 rounds, marking a time almost five seconds slower than that of the nearest pilot. It was Robert Kubica the only one who brought a little halo of light to the tremendous hole in which Williams is after completing 48 laps on yesterday's day. Of times, better or talk, for if the rest of the equipment is not too significant, Grove's team is directly intrascendent.

Best times of the first week of test 2019

The pilots will again jump to the track next March 26 to continue with the second week of pre-season test.

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