Thursday , August 18 2022

SpaceX sends supplies to the International Space Station after electrical problems


SpaceX sends supplies to the International Space Station after electrical problems

SpaceX sent supplies to the International Space Station (ISS) on Saturday after a few delays caused by electrical problems.

The Falcon rocket went in the dark before dawn with a dragon capsule, with 2,500 kilograms (5,500 pounds) of materials, on the table. The spacecraft has been recycled, making its second space trip, due to arrive on the orbital lab on Monday.

The delivery was postponed a few days by the electrical problems registered at the first ISS and in the platform that the rocket should land in the Atlantic. Both complexities were quickly resolved when the defective equipment was replaced: a new electrical panel at the Station and a marine generator.

Records taken off the bus, SpaceX restored the first-stage driver, launched on this plane, on the ocean platform which was just 22 kilometers (14 miles) from the coast, much closer than usual.

SpaceX could not avoid referring to Star Wars Day held on Saturday, 4 May.

"Dragon is on his way to the special station officially," SpaceX commentator announced after the capsule got into orbit and to pull it off the solar panels he has wings. "Until next time, the police may be with you," he added, referring to the popular phrase of the cinematographic saga.

The propeller must have returned to Cape Canaveral, but SpaceX is still cleaning up the area after the April 20 crash which destroyed Dragon with the ability to transport people. At the time of the explosion, the cabin was empty.

The company's vice president, Hans Koenigsmann, said earlier this week that they still do not know what caused the capsule up in flames during the test. His first crew ship managed to complete his first test trip to the ISS, although he was not working, in March. SpaceX had planned to put it back to orbit in June before testing with astronauts, but the program is now in the air as they try to find out what went from its place.

SpaceX has been bringing supplies to the orbital station since 2012. The last load, the 17th of the company, is carrying equipment and experiments for the six astronauts of the company. ISS, as well as a tool to monitor the amount of carbon dioxide in the Earth's atmosphere.

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