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Sony is leaving Driveclub and shows one of the possible future problems of the future and “digital only” future t

Driveclub, the well-known driving game for the PS4, will end in August this year. Sony has decided to remove the multi-player servers, the downloadable content and the version of virtual reality that it offered through its PSN platform.

This is not the first decision of this type we see in the world of video games, and we draw attention to one of the big debates in that future that we offer a number of platforms that we have. betting on the "digital only." The reliance on the service means we could find this kind of disappearance from the first moment without being able to do too much. Something similar to what happened with Google Reader, but in video games.

Unexpectedly closed and criticized

Sony had already done the same with Gravity Rush 2 & 39; and three other games last year, and Microsoft is no stranger to this type of movement: those who enjoyed the Xbox Fitness & # 39; this with Kinect We are sorry as star guest after pulling that content back.


Now it's happening something similar to DriveclubThe game came to the fore as a great alternative to other driving simulators on the PS4 itself and the Xbox One. in 2016.

The official announcement states that administrators are online it will no longer be available on 31 March 2020 and this will affect Driveclub, DriveRlub VR and Driveclub Bikes.

Even with the closure of those servers, the game can continue to be enjoyed in an offline manner (in those methods and with the content and the DLC that already exists), something that at least gives the fans the opportunity so that they can continue to enjoy that game mode t , although there is no downloadable content.

Nor can we compete with other players, create events or compete or share statistics and progress with other players. The game's content It will stop selling on August 31, 2019, which will leave the players a few months to continue enjoying all those possibilities.

Of course, the disappearance of the online mode will draw a lot from its charm off Driveclub, and this decision reminds us again that there is clear disadvantages when relying on one digital model or one where the online mode is the main character of the experience: if the developer or platform decides that the best should be for this game for what t However, we cannot do anything.

Only online or “digital only” means have disadvantages

The debate reminds us of the philosophy of companies such as Nintendo, who have taken forward the world of simulation and are trying to keep control of its catalog even if that means that there are some legendary titles from decades ago. be lost forever or endanger legal requirements for their play under a simulator … because there is no official way to enjoy them.

Stadia3 Google Stadia is one of the streaming gaming services that cause such obvious disadvantage: what will happen when Google decides that a game should no longer be on its platform?

This future of cloud gambling and models with digital downloads creates a series of similar situations where players often do so. they are open to decisions of the companies we create and distribute these games.

In online services we remember the case of Google Reader, which Google was "disconnecting" overnight because it didn't see the meaning of RSS. Fortunately, other options were rising to continue to defend that standard, but those unilateral measures could now reveal many fideogame fans who find that some of their favorite games t disappear completely (or almost) without that they can do a lot to avoid them.

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