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So you can create a Lightning Network goal with just $ 130 | CryptoNews


The enthusiasm of the Bitcoin, Lightning Network (LN) microblogging network, can now build their own goal. Recently, the developer announced the complete instructions for making RaspiBlitz by buying the online pieces.

Setting up and connecting the LN node to the network requires about three hours, says the developer Christian Rotzoll on GitHub. This is a goal plug and play only 6 pieces are needed (connect and use): Rasperry Pi 3 B + computer, external hard drive with 1 terabyte capability, LCD screen, micro USB power supply, microSD 16 memory and case (case) This list of parts does not exceed USD 130 on Amazon.

As explained in the tutorial, in order to start assembling the RaspiBlitz, it is required to introduce Rasperry Pi in the case and on this, set the LCD screen. After this, just connect the hard drive to one of the USB ports.

The microSD memory must contain the software from RaspiBlitz, which is available to download in its store with Torrent and HTTP. The image of this operating system can be set using NOOBS, a program designed to facilitate this type of procedure, or use Rasperry Pi tutorial. Once the installation is complete, you must insert the SD card, connect the power source and connect the device to the Internet.

Rotzoll recommends Contact the Maple using LAN connection to the Internet; because, although it is possible to operate the goal via Wi-Fi, local area connections (LAN) reduce the possibility that the connection will create mistakes. Also, it is important that the computer and the Rasperry have been connected to the same local network.

Finally, the local IP address will appear on the RaspiBlitz monitor. At this point, everything that is left is to open a Windows terminal and connect the remote administration protocol (SSH) with the command that was disposed of by the device. From this point, the dialogue between the terminal and the Rasperry will start. The process that can take a few minutes, but after completion, the Lightning Network goal is implemented.

Lightning Network is available to more users

Publishing the installation guidelines for the goals of Network Lightning, like this and the Pierre Rochard notes launcher, works as an alternative for enthusiastic people who do not have technical knowledge but wish to set a LN node.

Initiatives such as RaspiBlitz, are added other goals plug and play such as HODL HOUSE, NODL and Lightning in Box, they open even more the possibility of adopting LN, the second layer of Bitcoin. However, these three devices double the price of creating RaspiBlitz; In fact, the RaspiBlitz is ready to connect with a retail price of USD 249.99.

Given the fact that the profitability of LN gas operation is not very small (around satoshi per transaction given), it is clear that the main purpose of undertaking this type of project is to help adopt the Lightning Network Network Bitcoin, to turn BTC to create a more practical, simple and quick cryptocurrency to use.

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