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Snell and DeGrom won with old generation statistics


The two cohorts with the best effectiveness in their respective leagues were the winners of the 2018 Young Young Cy Young Prize, the Association of Baseball America Authors (BBWAA) published on Wednesday.

Jacob DeGrom, from New York Mets, has received 29 of 30 first votes to win a widespread goal in the National League. DeGrom has raised 207 points to perform more than Max Scherzer, from the Washington Nationals, who had the first-time vote and 123 points. Aaron Nola, from the Philadelphia Phillies, received 27 votes for the third place and 86 points; Kyle Freeland, from Rockies of Colorado, 49 points, and Patrick Corbin, of Diamond Diamond, 23 points.

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The left Blake Snell, from Tampa Bay Rays, won a tight fight with Justin Verlander of the Houston Astros in the American League. Snell received 17 first and 11 seconds for a total of 169 points, while Verlander held 13 first and 13 seconds for 154 points. These were the only two machines named in the votes of 30 writers.

Corey Kluber from the Cleveland Indians was a third-time starter with 71 points; Chris Sale, the Boston Red Sox, left to left, fourth with 59 points; Gerrit Cole came from Houston in the fifth with 26. Edwin Diaz was closer to Puerto Rican, the Seattle Mariners, four fifths in the fifth place and Luis Severino of New York Yankees received fifth and fifth votes. point

Although there was a lot of focus on the total value of winning the death sentence of that statistic as a central figure in evaluating the performance of the pools, so much seamless decision was not rewarding this year's winners, taking into account Efficiency is more than 100 years old as official statistics in both major leagues and for most history, it was essential to highlight what a piker can control on the field.

DeGgrom had a moderate record of 10-9 in 32 initially, but led the main leagues with an average of 1.70 earnings earned (41 earnings earned in 217 trips) and 269 entries or an average of 11.2 per nine sessions work.

The effectiveness of the Mets Milk is the sixth lowest in history for the winner of Cy Young, behind Bob Gibson (1.12 in 1968), Dwight Gooden (1.53 in 1985), Greg Maddux (1.56 in 1994 and 1.63 in 1995) and Dean Chance (1.65 in 1964).

Max Scherzer was the nearest one to argue in the ballot Getty Images

The 10 DEGrom buddies are the lowest figure in history for the Young Young Prize winner, created in 1956 in memory of a winner of 511 games. Fernando Valenzuela (1981) had a Mexican left and Felix Henandez (2010), south-east Venezuela, with 13 records for the least wins in the Cy Young campaign.

As the effectiveness has been incorporated as an official statist (1912 in the National League and 1913 in the American League), it is the second pond with an average below 2.00, with 200 or more drawouts and less than 50 of centers in a year. Dominican Pedro Martinez was the first, in 2000, when he won the Gy Young of the American League.

Snell (21-5, 1.89 and 221 tributes is 180.2 nomination) is the second member of Tampa Bay (David Price in 2012) winning Cy Young. The 25-year-old led the young circuit in the ERA, the bats (1818) and the Slugging objects (.300), and finished with the second highest percentage of WHIP (0.97) in its league.

Snell tickets are the lowest for Cy Young's competitor who win a full-term win. But hardly the depoed allowed 38 runs at 31 start over six months.

In summary, DeGrom and Snell made many things to overcome the great competitors they had in the battle for the Cy Young Award, but the WAR was no more important than any other modern statistic, but the old enough efficiency has yet to be the game for more than a century.

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