Friday , August 19 2022

Silvestre Dangond stimulates Cúcuta with Maluma in the Help Live Live Photos!


Under an unfortunate sun, Urumita's singer, Silvestre Dangond, got a rythm bailout and Venezuela Aid Live.

The singer chose his success, Marry me & # 39; to return to the Venezuelan people of their love and support.

The artist was wearing in white and dark glasses of his talent before a full squares of people who came with him to sing.

The artist said that God gives us all

"People with thirst, hunger and freedom, if artists make their hearts moving, we're going to this every day," said the singer.

The urumitero said that two years ago he does not go to the country's brother and that the country will pass after this situation has passed.

"This sun lets me fall to you every time," said the singer at the end of his show after singing `No longer hurts';

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