Monday , June 27 2022

Silvestre Dangond elegant state of health in-house hospital


Singer Vallenato, The danger of Silvestre, turned off the alarms among his family and friends after posting an image at a hospital

Despite the fact that the artist on November 21 was the main character of a memorable digital concert, this Wednesday, December 2, the man announced that he was in fine condition.

Not specified if it is Coronavirus or another illness or illness, Silvestre Dangond posted a picture, looking pretty shaken.

«I have been strong many times but this time the fear of challenging life with the solution in hand overcame me», the singer wrote beside the picture.

In it he looks down, with tearful eyes and with surgical elements, as if undergoing surgery.


Although several comments in the announcement ensured that the singer would act for a an unpublished health problem, others believe it is Coronavirus.

This is because of the writing that accompanies the picture, as some followers believe that the Covid-19 it would affect him by not taking care of himself.

The announcement has yet to be explained by close friends or relatives, because, until a few hours ago, their social networks were functioning normally.

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