Thursday , August 18 2022

Serge Ibaka is signing with Brooklyn Net for two seasons


Power on Serge Ibaka signed with the Brooklyn Nets in a two-term deal, based on approximately $ 28 million over the next several years of the NBA. According to ESPN sources, the cap leader is the NBA between 2010 and 2021, Serge Ibaka rejoins his former partner Kevin Durant and seeks his second ring with the Brooklyn Nets.

Here is the report;

In the last season, Serge Ibaka 15.4 points on average, rebounds 8.2, 1.4 assists with 51% of the field and 38% of triples in the NBA.

Ibaka He is 7’0 feet with 235 lbs, has been a blockbuster champion twice in the NBA , twice the best defensive quintet in the NBA and is on its way to its No. 13 season.

The defensive plan of the Nets extremely difficult, because now Serge Ibaka joins Deadre Jordan and Jarret Allen, causing fear when any player tries to attack the rim.

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