Monday , May 23 2022

Sammy Sosa could go to jail for fraud in the Dominican Republic


A former player of the MLB, Sammy Sosa, allegedly connected with fraud that occurred in the Dominican Republic and could go to the prison, all products of PLD.

In the last days of the Dominican Republic various former party officials named PLD, who led the country for the past 16 years, were arrested on charges of fraud and theft of lots of money.

According to sources, a report came out that Sammy Sosa and his brother José Antonio Peralta Sosa, are involved in a charged case called Operation Anti Octopus for alleged links to Alexis Medina in the sale of asphalt cement to the state.

That would be from the Dominican Republic I quote Sammy Sosa to talk face to face about what he is accused of.

Alexis Medina is the brother of the former president of the Dominican RepublicDanilo Medina, there are three Danilo brothers who are arrested and charged with state theft.

Here is the report;

boring making a lot of money in the MLBHowever, rumors say that his ambition went further and, therefore, he sought new income by introducing himself to business with the Dominican Republic politicians.

Links Sammy Sosa with the PLDAs well as not having issued an arrest warrant, however, it will be considered and depends on how things are going.

Total, Sammy Sosa he earned about 127 million during his time in the MLBThat is, he didn’t need to keep looking for more money, with what he had, he lived the rest of his life as a king, at least in the Dom.

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