Thursday , August 18 2022

“Rick and Morty” Releases New Music Video for “Do You Feel It?”


The production team of “Rick and Morty” has just released an official music video for one of the most memorable songs that have been part of the series of Adult Swimming, “”Do You Feel It?”.

The song is part of one of the moments where the series throughout its four seasons has managed to balance its wild humor and witty jokes with moments of great emotional intensity, which has confused its fans on more than one occasion, as in the case of this song, which seems to be one of the lowest moments of Rick.

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“Auto Erotic Assimilation” is the title receiving the third episode of the second season, in which Rick is reunited with Unity, a hive mind that implants itself into the brains of planetary species, spreading his consciousness on the same when in each of its infected.

After an emotional breakup letter from Unity, Rick he would reach the bottom line trying to end his life, only regretting it at the last moment. The video would have been released through an official channel HBO Max in YouTube, thus commemorating that the series is now available on the streaming platform.

The video contains some of the most emotional moments throughout the series, summing up the memorable moment of Rick previously mentioned. The second season was the start of a growing popularity among viewers, as its creators would have found the right tone after experimenting with their humor in the first season.

The fourth season of the show seems to be very different from the general tone of the composition in its early seasons, showing an even weaker tone as the episodes continue. The fifth season of the series is currently in development.

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Adult Swimming it was announced during the summer that the series has a current production order for seven seasons. They would also have submitted a brief preview of one of the fifth season episodes, which does not yet have an estimated release date.

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