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It was a week with plenty of activity in several cryptoactive projects. After the reports on the treatment of changing volumes, from the majority of houses of bags of silver cryptocur, they have only begun to offer new metrics based on more regulated exchange houses. In Bitcoin there was a marked growth in the number of goals in the network in a short time and their transactions are increasing, linked to a new service using Bitcoin.

In the case of Ethereum, they discussed very strongly the motives of the need to change the mining algorithm to ProgPow. This issue seems to produce two groups with conflicting views, which strongly question the governance of Ethereum. In the case of TRON, his founder argued social networks to treat the Tesla competition clumsily.

Here's the news that affected the crypto ecosystem last week: t

  • Bitcoiner JP Thor offered a new way of measuring the dominance of any cryptoactive in the market. Supremeism has been weighed by an exchange volume, that is the new proposal to measure bitcoin supremacy in terms of the cryptocur Other currencies, based on the number of transactions of the whole market.
  • Bitcoin's complete nodes have increased dramatically, going from 60 thousand to more than 85 thousand in the last 15 days. The increase could be as a result of implementing the new aims of the micro-transaction network, Lightning Network (LN).
  • The payment platform cryptocurrency announced Bitrefill in his Twitter account on Wednesday, March 27, that US consumers will be able to buy gift cards, paying with BTC and four other crypto-active, for residential accommodation by the AirBnB service.
  • An investigation conducted by Messari revealed that the Stellar network had been attacked in April 2017, which ended create 2.25 billion lumens (XLM) t above the whole distribution. The attacker would have taken advantage of a mistake in the source code of the protocol to emit the cryptoactives, which represented almost 25% of the total distributed at the time.


  • Bitcoin transactions increased by more than 30% after Veriblock main network activated. On March 21, when VeriBlock's main network became operational, the transaction count of the day was 298,524. For March 29, 8 days after the activation, transactions per day reached 393,698.
  • The idea of ​​changing the mining algorithm from Ethereum to ProgPow shares your community. Many Ethereum members have expressed their voices in favor and rejected this proposal are added to the next Ethereum fork. An even more controversial has been produced because they complain that the proposal appears is added at the next fork without adequate examination of the code, due to lack of funding for this process. A situation that has still given some members more rejection of their community.
  • TRON founder Justin Sun had a controversial week to photograph Tesla among his followers on Twitter. In the first place, he made the choice of a Twitter user who met the initial conditions that he had intended to take part in, then deleted all the information about the choice and made the competition again to throw the first winner, without giving explanations. In return, he offered the next Tron conference a round trip ticket, as a comfort prize. This decision seems to have caused a lot of turning in the social networks, namely then he went back and offered the first winner the Tesla I had ignored it. So, it seems that you will eventually put two Tesla cars away for all the arguments that have not been released.

In addition to these events, the market has remained stable with some movements from the Web, which seem to give more hope to investors of the crypto. Although this summary has been written, bitcoin stayed above $ 4,100. The rest of the cryptoactives seem to follow bitcoin behavior, and their isolated cases showed great growth this week.

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