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Potential opponents of Barcelona in the second round

Dress in Holland or victory Tottenham before the Inter they put Barça the first situation, but the team of Ernesto Valverde He did not settle for the minimum and he managed to win in the Netherlands grounds i certify your first job in this regard Group B.

In this way, team of the Condal City It will be the first hyper that was distributed in the picture of the 16th round from December 17 next in Nyon, where the azulgrana box will be prepared with one second of the different groups and will return the deletion at the Nou Camp.

So the five times a European champion already expecting a competitor in the absence of a day that can decide your next European commitment, as most groups still decide.

In the Group A, the only team that could touch Barça would be Borussia Dortmund. The German box is still fighting for the front with the Athletics, but if that does, white to rojiblancos he could not see the faces in this round to be a country-class team. So only Germans would be potentially competitive.

In the Group C the options are very varied and dangerous at the same time. And that's that Naples, PSG and Liverpool they will play the path and place in the group on the last day. The Italians are the only ones they rely on themselves to achieve the first place, fact that would do PSG second in that case; but everything is still determined.

In the Group D there is already a clear competitor in the game Nyon and this will be the Schalke 04, who will be second after the Porto. Surely one of the most affordable and priori competitors.

For his part, in Group E Class order order has not yet been determined. And that's that Bayern and Ajax they play in it Amsterdam on the last day of the first place. Tie is worth the Germans to achieve their goal, which would be condemned Ajax I'm the second situation.

In the Group F the second place has not yet been assigned. There is currently a Lyon which possesses it, but could lose it with Shakhtar on the last day. And, in addition, even the City Second in case of losing at home Hoffenheim and a French victory Ukraine.

Another potentially opposed opponent already arises Group G, where it's Rome The second place already has a property after he was defeated before Real Madrid in the Olympic.

Finally, in the Group H, everything indicates that the United of Mourinho It would be another possible candidate for the eighth round. Y Juventus still losing leadership and being second, but for this they should combine Manchester United's victory in Mestalla and pull or defeat Vecchia Signora & # 39; against Boys Boys

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