Monday , January 17 2022

Positive results in phase 1 of the Zika vaccine


This was published following the analysis with 67 adults.

The Franco-Austria Valneva group and the US Crisis BioSolutions announced "positive preliminary results" for Phase 1 of their Zika experimental virus vaccine.

The vaccine in an experimental period, of the name VLA1601, "has reached the main evaluation and evaluation criteria showing a favorable safety profile for each dose and vaccination schemes that have been proven," both groups and stated in a joint statement.

In addition, "it proved to be immunogenic-producing antibodies antibodies – in every group that were immunized and created antikaffs against Zika virus according to doses and vaccination timescales," they added.

Phase 1 study was carried out with 67 healthy adults and were not previously infected by any viruses, aged 18 to 49, of the two groups set.

Valneva gave worldwide BioSolutions Emergent a worldwide license in July 2017 for its production technology for Zika virus vaccines.

Both companies agreed to develop the vaccine with each other until the release of Stage 1 data, while Valneva was responsible for the operations.
On his behalf, Emergent has a choice to continue to develop the vaccine after Phase 1 results have been accepted.

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