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Pokémon: Gorochu, the evolution of Pikachu and Raichu that has never been published in the videogame | Anime Freak Game Nintendo TV | Series

Pokémon: Gorochu, the evolution of Pikachu and Raichu that has never been published "Pokémon"It's one of the franchises that have defined more than one generation, and even today it's still alive thanks to a great community of fans and reinforcing its videogames and & # 39; i anime, even though her past does not give up the best of an unexpected offer. Gorochu, the evolution of losing Pikachu a Raichu It has never been published for the first video games.

In 2018, Freak Game he admitted that, originally, Pikachu had subsequently been re-evolved Raichu to that Gorochu, This evolution should be a threatening monster, with a coarse and fierce crew.

Unfortunately, Freak Game cancel presentation Gorochu The problem was a balance in the game and everything was saved in the company's history … until some miners data this has been found Pokémon.

These are enthusiastic "Pokémon " they announce on their social networks that they have had beta files from "Pokémon network" to "Green Pokémon"and although these files are not complete, they reveal numerous sprites which were deleted from the game, including Gorochu.

As you can see, Gorochu It has a horn rather than two and a pair of ears with a point. Also, on its back it has some triangles that have unloaded a number of questions, as it is not known if some kind of pattern or something is completely different.

That is very unlikely Gorochu appears at some point within a videogame franchise Pokémon, but it's interesting how the public's views have looked at it since these archives were made public.

However Pokémon is characterized by always innovating with evolution, creatures, composers and new cities, it would not be strange that this design had thrown into reality, as well as many other people within and beta or Pokemon Coch a Gwyrdd.

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