Sunday , August 7 2022

Photographs: A traveler finds a hidden camera on an airplane board


The man posted the images on Twitter, stimulating a lively discussion among Internet users. As a result, the airline had to join the argument and offer its explanation.

The Singapore Airlines passenger was discovered on board Boeing 747 a hidden camera, which had been incorporated in the screen in front of his seat.

"I've just found this interesting sensor looking to me from the seat, on the board of the Airlines Airlines … Any expert opinion is this a gaming? @SingaporeAir might explain how it will be used, "said the traveler Vitaly Kamluk on his Twitter account when publishing images of the device.

His announcement was viral and stimulated a lively discussion. "Why are those cameras there and where does the information they record?", "How does the airline inform travelers about the presence of cameras on the board?"were the obvious questions of many Internet users, while others indicated that they had already seen similar cameras on other airline aircraft.

As a result, the official account of Singapore Airlines joined the discussion on Twitter. The airline explained that some of them have "latest board entertainment systems, provided by OEMs, a hardware built-in camera."

"These cameras have unemployment in our airplane and there are no plans to develop any function that they use, "said the airline.

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