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Pablo Aure: UC neglected: go back Dracula!



Ephesians 11 "Put God's weapons so that you can withstand the ruins and the devil"

Populism has been over a dangerous trap for years to try to conquer places to increase the dark reach of corruption. Carabobo as the rest of the country has seen how this happens in a particular way with the malignant tenants of the Capitol, who have decided on several months to seize the spaces of our soul matter Carabobeña.

UC is the only organization in the region that has not been able to reach. Like all tyrants, in this case, he expected the UCISTAS to be scared by his threats and that the knee receives their fake, mixture or fluid but found a Armed wall of democratic and autonomic principles and values ​​inspired by the insurgency and the spirit of Libertarian itself, the university students. For that reason, armed with dictatorial power, he began to establish pots against student leaders, university authorities and other members of the community.

Attack the FCU

The first objective was the possession of representatives overseeing the Federation of University Centers, and there was a need to analyze the student movement, and so he made records with "evidence" to remove the litter bin from lying, commanding the victimization and the police (and judicial) kidnapping Br. Iván Uzcategui, president of the FCU and Abg. Ramón Bravo, fruit director at Carabobo University, because those who have a close relationship with students.

He intended to cut them until they gave him the FCU to turn up a satellite of the interesting system that has destroyed the country. He proposed to stop them from pursuing if they were transferring the FCU. Of course, the courage and dignity of the Ivan and Ramon were preventing such a proposal being emphasized and that is why the week, Ivan and Ramon, have been kidnapped by the governor in a week and being housed in the squares Plaza Cicpc Bulls. They were the captivity of the system as a clear example of opposition, they preferred to be imprisoned (by politicians) before transferring the university's and peer's places .

Illegality usually

The offenses that the prosecutors chosen to make an accusation to the President of the FCU and the director of the soup kitchens were those of collective and fraudulent assault, associated with that, refusing the fact that the judge had found elements of conviction to & 39; I have been prosecuted, have been there, continue the process with the defendants in freedom as established by the Constitution and the COPP, as Uzcategui and Bravo never did Refusal, much less resistance to attending the summons that this police body, in fact, did many times attended to attend the CICPC call.

This means that there was no danger of escape, because, if they had "escaped", today they were not in that dirty dump. But more, arrests in our legal system only cause serious (and serious) offenses, that is, when the accused is held at the time of committing the penalty act. Which, as I said, was not caused in a accused act, nor for that fact that they made sure it was caught in a delicto flagrante, and as if that were enough, punishment in that criminal type is serious. I repeat, this situation has been happening for a few months, right from the Capitol Carabobo and through the networks (twitter and Instagram). This shows that there is no separation of powers, much less respect for human rights.

Things that the vampire must remember

The Capitol Carabobo tenant may think that this power is for life and that the crimes (here if there is a crime) that it misuses power, prescribe over time. Forget the uninhabited one by Dracula, in cases of human offenses, that they will never prescribe. The use of its dual nationality is likely to be able to escape (here if the term fits) for Italy, Spain, Portugal or Andorra, without knowing that international criminal law is Assign powers to follow in any hole that attempts to hide.

Their friends are quite likely to be needed in the first exchange to stay in the country (because they do not have enough financial resources), call police officers, prosecutors and critics, I'll mean those who have done the dirty work "following higher orders" and that such excuse (to follow secondary orders) can not attack him in order to avoid his or her responsibility, as article 25 of the Constitution establishes it explicitly.

And 14Nov the UC will be made to feel

Finally, I ask the whole university community to close ranks against divorce and in defending our University of Carabobo that today is going through the worst of moments, the danger is clear they want to turn it into the cave of the avoidance and not the open spaces for the lights.

UC students in November 14 have a commitment to history, they must go to their constituents to vote, without machines or CNE, that is, there will be no way of changing their will. I will ask all graduates to register in the UC ballot to avoid the shadow of the vampire in dark weather Carabobo against our beloved Alma Mater. Carabobo University: immature land light!


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