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OVP: Movement of Iris Varela as prisoners to the border In the Agenda


Photo: Courtesy Referendum

Photo: Courtesy Referendum

Writing 2001

Y Venezuelan Process Observatory the Minister for Prison Affairs said, Iris Varela, for transfer 30 prisoners, from Santa Ana prison, in the Táchira state, to a pile on the Las Tienditas International Bridge, on the border of Colombia, with the sole purpose of "threatening the citizens who need help, in the face of the humanitarian grave that the country has.

"This measure is intended to give prisoners as a human shield, in front of the rest of the citizens", said Humberto Prado, director of NGOs on human rights, adding that "the procedure undermines human dignity and rights to the personal and personal integrity of prisoners and the community as a whole."

When asked about the person responsible for authorizing the transfer, Prado said "We face gross abuse of joint responsibility between the Ministry of Penitentiary Service, GNB and judges", said the lawyer defended human rights.

"When the prisoner says that he does not play, I take those words seriously and, for that reason, I blamed Iris Varela for what happens to & The prisoners and what happens to them. " Prado said he was concerned about creating a new species of Venezuelan Gestapo, similar to what was created by the Nazis, where pre-convictions, convictions and madmen were recruited to create a mercenary police to kill , threatening and disappearing. for civilians and political opponents.

"I make this public complaint in the face of the silence of the State agencies and I hope that the ANC Corrections Commission will investigate this new fact that compromises the responsibility of the Venetian State as a guarantor human rights of everyone without discrimination, "said Prado.


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