Sunday , January 24 2021

Other people's silence & # 39; wins the Goya for the best documentary film

Silence of others, directed by Almudena Carracedo and Robert Bahar, has been recognized as the best documentary in issue 33 of the Goya Awards. The movie shows the fight captured by the long-term generalists of General Franco, who continue to seek justice until today.

After filming over six years, the movie follows the victims and survivors of Franco's system as they organize what is known as the "Argentine rebellion" and go to & Disposal of "default of default" on the offenses committed. The document was awarded in Forqué and won the Audience Award for a Best Document Document in Berlinale.

Silence of others placed on it Ignore Sad Hill, who wrote and directed by Guillermo de Oliveira; Shrimp: flamenco and revolution, a close portrait of one of the most exciting figures that music has given in the 20th century and Notes about theft film, who is talking about Elías, a film director who dreamed of making a thief film.

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