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Osmel Sousa revealed his answers and deepest beliefs


November 20, 2018 08:37 PM
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The Editorial Planeta made the first official official launch of Osmel Sousa, the Tsar of Beauty, official launch on Tuesday at the Renaissance Hotel in Caracas, under the title Osmel. Unknown man and the signature of the journalist and author Diego Arroyo Gil.

Since its resignation of the Miss Venezuela presidency, the most important competition in the country, and one of the most influential in the world, Sousa came to the target of criticism and rumors that affected reputation & # 39 ; the event and him. However, the book is based on the most human and close of the "eternal loss maker", whose words could earn many loves or hate.

The official presentation of the book in Venezuela was decorated by the words of Marianella Salazar, who ensured that: "At work reveals the deepest hate and beliefs of Osmel, as well as his dedication to God and Virgin Mary, It's considered as the only perfect loss & # 39; ".

In the pages of Osmel. Unknown man You will find details about the childhood and youth of what is known as "Zar de la belleza", or Cuba, and its arrival in Venezuela, of how he himself dedicated himself to theater and modeling first and then came an adviser to Miss Venezuela and finally his president, making Venezuela one of the countries with more international crowns.

Although there were many questions about his presidency rising for almost forty years of Miss Venezuela, and even when the book was designed to focus on that, the address taken by his writing was excitement. Look at Osmel's most personal secrets and anecdotes that very little know. Details such as her childhood, marked by severely discriminating and presenting to medical processes to "change her fate", are some of the components that form the writing.

Both Sousa and the author, Diego Arrollo Gil, agreed on the idea that the book tends to open doors behind the curtains to Miss Venezuela, but as the interviews were conducted, between a period of one year , it turned to a story about Osmel, which the author had to put "in his shoes" at the time of writing, because he mostly uses words Tsar himself.

Osmel. Unknown man It will also be an official launch in the city of Madrid, with words from Boris Izaguirre.

"Enjoy and get to know a bit more. I believe that this book is essential. After reading, you can talk to me with more property," it ended.

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