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Oscar 2019: great luck Glenn Close, the actress with more nominations to the Hollywood Academy awards that has not won any (yet)


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The famous renowned Glenn Close, but she does not have an Oscar at her exhibitions.

"I have synthesized everything in one principle: win or die."

That is the vision of the life of Marquise de Merteuil Machiavellia, the central character of the film Dangerous Links ("Dangerous Relationship" or "Dangerous Friendship" in Spanish).

Fortunately, the actress who played the Marchioness, the American Glenn Close, has the same method, at least when he or she gets to win or die for an Oscar.

And with seven candidates for his name, Close is the living translator more times she has been nominated for the valuable prize without earning her up.

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In addition to Glenn Close, the movie "Dangerous Relatives" (1988) included a cast of stars such as John Malkovich, Michelle Pfeiffer, Keanu Reeves or Uma Thurman very young.

The break may expire this Sunday on the 91th edition of the Academy of Arts and Hollywood Academy, where Close is the A favorite friend to win the Oscar for the best actor for her role in Y Wraig ("Y wraig dda").

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Will he win over Lady Gaga, Olivia Colman, Yalitza Aparicio and Melissa McCarthy?

Wonderful recognition

In "The Good Wife," the 71-year-old actor plays Joan Castleman, a woman who realizes she can no longer stand her wedding for Nobel's famous literature writer.

The film has had good reviews since its release, especially Close, set among the leading candidates to fight over Oscar.

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In "The Wife Good," Glenn Close plays the character of Joan Castleman, a girl who is married to a Nobel Prize author.

With that this year, Close has received four nominations to the best actor, which is added to the three nominations for the best supportive actor who has succeeded in the early 80's, only at a time first in the cinema world.

After labeling as an icon and a Hollywood organization, and appreciating its flexibility and professional dedication, there are those who are considering a sacrileg who has not yet received an Oscar.

"I've been without one of all these years", Close to Glen Whipp of the newspaper Los Angeles Times Last August

"I'm a guess now and it's become a kind of badge I have nothing," he added.

Gaui has many other prizes in his name, such as three Tony's theater, three TV Emmys and three Golden Globes, among others.

"I have synthesized everything in one principle: win or die."

Marquesa de Merteuil ("Dangerous Relationship")

But the actor himself does not hide the apparently that would make the Oscar, also to get rid of the painful record she's stick on her back.

"If it's happening, it's great, it will not change my passion for what I can do, but Being recognized by your colleagues is quite good"

Glenn Close Nominations

The best support actor:

  • The World According to Garp ("The world by Garp", 1982, his first film).
  • The Great Man ("Reencuentro", 1983).
  • The Natural ("The best", 1984).

Best actors:

  • Fatal Attraction ("Fatal Attraction", 1987).
  • Dangerous Links ("Hazardous relationship", 1988).
  • Albert Nobbs ("Secret Secret of Nobbs", 2011).
  • Y Wraig ("Y Wraig Dda", 2018).

Why not won

With their prestige and pride that is motivated in the field of critics and audiences, it seems logical to ask why this actor, who is # 39: She's herself a "late development" because she made her first 35 year old film, she does not have one or even a number of Oscars on her book shelves. .

It's not a matter of age: there are many contemporary Americans, like Sally Field, Diane Keaton, Jessica Lange, Susan Sarandon, Sissy Spacek or Meryl Streep have one or several sculptures or Academy.

Also, the interpretations for which it was nominated have been robust enough for any of the Oscars that has fallen into hands.

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The "Fatal Attraction" (1987) won the Glenn Close and Oscar nomination for the best actor.

How to forget your iconic Alex Forrest, boring Michael Douglas's "Fatal Attraction" some of us still remember to see a boiling pot; or the one already mentioned Marquesa de Merteuil or "Dangerous Links", expert in confabulations palace; or his character as a man in "The secret of Albert Nobbs".

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Glenn Close and Michael Douglas presented one of the Actors' Guild Awards last January, over 30 years after filming a "Fatal Attraction" with each other.

The truth is that the lack of the Oscar can lead to a number of factors, from the great luck of having met with strong competitors every time he has chosen the prize to the way in which he has promoted promotional & The movies he has nominated status

"Give him the Oscar!"

The situation in which Close reminds us that we have lived for three years ago, when Leonardo DiCaprio won the Oscar for the best actor for "The Reborn" after five previous nominations failed.

The campaign at the time to call Oscar for DiCaprio was more noise than what is now heard in favor of Close, but the actress has his constant supporters:

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With the name "Put Glenn Close your Oscar" this person claims the actor prize directly from Twitter to account.

"I try to prepare emotionally for Glenn Close winning his Oscar"

Interestingly, "The good lady" is not his best film.

It's great, especially because of the evolution that she gives to her character, from the way the first half of the movie has included to & # 39; The war left in the last scenes.

But this is not her most amazing performance.

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Glenn Close has already won the Golden Globe and the Actors' Guild Award for her role in "The Wife Wife".

Katharine Hepburn actor once said: "The actors who win the Oscarthey deserve it, but they get it for the wrong papers ".

Is it a Closing case if she wins this Sunday?

Recognized actors and actresses who never won an Oscar:

  • Peter O Toole: 8 nominations
  • Richard Burton: 7 nominations
  • Glenn Close: 7 nominations (the last, this year as the best actress for "The Wife Wife")
  • Amy Adams: 6 nominations (the last, this year as the best supporting actress for Division)
  • Deborah Kerr: 6 nominations
  • Thelma Ritter: 6 nominations
  • Irene Dunne: 5 nominations
  • Annette Bening: 4 nominations
  • Montgomery Clift: 4 nominations
  • Ed Harris: 4 nominations
  • Natalie Wood: 3 nominations

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