Tuesday , August 16 2022

Nicaragua warnings for rash cases in Costa Rica | People


Nicaragua warnings for rash cases in Costa Rica

The Ministry of Health authorities announced on Friday that they would reinforce epidemiological surveillance across the country, in the face of three positive cases of measles registered in Costa Rica this week.

According to the Ministry of Health, the Nicaragua breach cases have not been reported since 1994, and the scope of vaccination at a national level is above 95%.

Measures include measuring the scope of measles vaccination in every town in the country, in boundary areas and access points, epidemiological surveillance will be strengthened and the population will be vaccinated to complete & # 39; The plan by age.

In addition, fast response teams will be organized in the 19 Silesies of the country, in order to give immediate attention to the suspicious cases of measles.

Places will be designated in the health units to guarantee if isolation rooms are needed to adequately treat skeletal cases.

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