Monday , May 23 2022

Neymar is not alone! Another PSG player is waiting for Leo Messi to be signed


The Paris Saint-Germain had a great victory at Old Trafford to stay alive until the final day of the Champions League group stage. The Parisians averaged nine units per Manchester United and the RB Leipzig and the two tickets for round 16 of the competition will be decided next week. However, the French capital’s club did not make headlines in the European press for its on-field performance, albeit very prominently, but his players’ statements about the possible arrival of Lionel Messi to Princes Park next season.

FC Barcelona captain ends his contract with the club in June 2021 a not signing renewal. He already had the first intention to leave in August, when he sent the burofax to the Blaugrana board of directors, and to date he seems not to have changed his idea of ​​leaving the team where he has developed his entire football career.

Paris Saint-Gemain players are aware of their club’s superb buying power and that Rosario may be arriving It’s not a crazy idea. Neymar Jr., former Barça player, was the first to jump into microphones’ESPN‘and said he hopes to play with his friend Leo again, “what I want most is enjoy with him again on the court “says a double author at Old Trafford.

But the Brazilian wasn’t the only one who talked about it. Paredes LeandroMessi’s fellow Argentine national team also told ‘ESPN’ he would like to share the dressing room with ‘La Pulga’: “I hope Messi signs up for PSG, it’s something we all want”, he assured in post-match releases, adding that they have in Paris “an incredible group of good players and good people, and we enjoy it.”

The midfielder added that ‘les parisiens’ is very close and excited about the results so far, although this campaign has not been very regular, so they would like to host Messi. However, Paredes is aware that the decision to leave Barcelona will be very difficult for the Rosary, so he hopes “That Messi makes the best decision for him, here we are waiting for him with open arms”, sentencing.

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Paredes Leandro He is not Messi’s only compatriot in the Paris Saint-Germain dressing room and that could be a major influence for the Barça forward to decide to sign for the French. Angel Di Maria Y. Mauro Icardi, with whom Leo maintains a good relationship with the national team, no doubt he would be delighted to receive him in the Princes Park and, if given the opportunity, they would give their views to the media in the coming weeks, as Neymar and Paredes have already done.

While true that Messi’s first choice has been Pep Guardiola’s Manchester City, each time that possibility seems more distant. The Catalan coach has expressed that on several occasions Argentina expected to retire in Barcelona and its arrival, because of the economic issue, is very complex. In addition, the ‘citizens’ are already working on renewing the contracts of two of their best stars, Raheem Sterling Y. Kevin de Bruyne, so it is highly unlikely that they want to make a large (in terms of salary) expenditure for the Argentine star.

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