Friday , March 5 2021

Néstor Reverol ensured that the former director of the "bin "was not kept"

The Minister of Interior, Justice and Peace, Néstor Reverol, said Monday that the former director of Cognitive Information Bolivarian (Sebin), Gustavo González López, is not in custody.

"Gustavo González López is not in custody, Waiting for payment from the President of the Republic" expressed from the headquarters of the Ministry of Internal Affairs.

During a press conference, where he presented Balance of Citizen Safety indicators in the country, he was "absolutely fake" kept to me After the end of October, González López was the director of the Bin.

The minister said that the criminal cases had a 28% reduction throughout the country. "This leads us to confirm that we are on the right path of territorialization of public policies," he said.

Reverol showed the figures on reducing the criminal actions that will be dealt with through the Security Citizens' Parliamentary Observatory (OVS).

He explained that 89.5% of hijacking had been concentrated in three countries of the country: Miranda, Capital Area and Aragua, so "we have produced a National Anti-Grass Scheme that has fertilizers allowing a significant reduction in kidnapping in the country, "he said.

Compared to the year 2017, when a total of 290 hijacking was registered, there was a reduction in 38.3% of this crime across the national territory to locate in 179 hijacking by 2018.

He also acknowledged the work of Quadrants of Peace to tackle criminal threats and contribute to the design of the structural policy of non-trading.

"We will continue to monitor criminal incidents in the country, an important achievement this year, as we can balance the indicators for the 2000 Quadrants of Peace".

"Since 2003 to date, a total of 497,817 extinguishers have been destroyed throughout Venezuela," and 4,079 were distributed voluntarily, as well as 34,319 launches and 1,572 were collected through the incentive to carry weapons .

The head of Justice and Peace said that more than 1500 officers were placed in the Venezuelan justice order, "in order to fight corruption and in response to all interventions of officials' actions."

In this regard, he explained that they had arrested 1,515 Bolivarian National Police (PNB) officers; state and urban police; 300 members of the Corps of Scientific, Punishment and Criminal Investigations (CICPC); 300 employees of the Identification, Migration and Aliens Administration Service (Saime) and 201 Registry Service and Autonomous Notaries (Saren).

"The control and disclosure of figures, rather than exercise, is a starting point for effective design, evaluation and improvement of security policies," said Reverol.

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