Sunday , August 7 2022

NASA announces the discovery of huge masses in the Sun


Scientists, who have spent a hundred and a half try to solve the mystery because the sun's outer tier is warmer than face, closer to solving the enigma thanks to tadpoles & # 39; known as regions with a more intense magnetic field of the surface of the sun.

"Together they could provide a complete picture of corrosion heating," said Aleida Higginson, assistant researcher for Parker Solar Probe at the Applied Physics Laboratory at Johns Hopkins University in Laurel, Maryland (USA).

After discovering these strange things, two reasons are analyzed as a hypothesis, that this energy is removed through electromagnetic waves that could push particles accused of the atmosphere as sea waves push a surfer .

However, the second of the external solar atmosphere heat would be injected by the nanolmarated, multiple and small explosions that release waves of hot particles and pressures. But according to experts expecting answers from a special researcher called "Problem Solar Parker".

According to experts NASA has been able to decide on computer simulation, this jet could carry enough energy and plasma to heat the external sun tier.

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