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MobData: A study says that people who use an iPhone in China are poor or without a Huawei profession. Xiaomi Apple | Oppo | Living | Cooltura

Study of MobData cause major reviews for obtaining and explaining what basis of time it is said China the users that own it iPhone they are people of scarce economic resources.

According to a study by the research agency MobData has revealed relevant information that stimulates social networks as it ensures that people who have iPhone in China it's synonymous with poverty.

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Iphone china

The company has locked in Shanghai find out most users iPhone In general, single girls between the ages of 18 and 34 only have a secondary school certificate and they have a monthly income that ranges from 3000 yuan, according to South China Morning Post.

By contrast, there is another profile of phone users Huawei. It is explained that this brand's clients are usually married men 25 to 34, have a bachelor's degree and with a monthly income that varies between 5 thousand to 20 yuan.

iPhone China

The study also reports that there are a large number of customers Huawei They have cars and houses in good comparison with customers Apple They lack these facilities. The Chinese professionals earn the most like brands like Huawei a Xiaomi, then professionals receiving between 3 and 10,000 yuan per month with telephone discounts Oppo a I live.

Users iPhone they usually earn less than 3,000 yuan a month, which make them much Chinese favorite because of their easy and low cost access.

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iPhone China

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