Monday , January 25 2021

Miss Peru: Anyella Grados apologizes after running out of crown and reappearing in Weekly Report | Jessica Newton | Latina Video | Shows

After Jessica Newton confirmed that Trujillana Anyella Grados will no longer represent Peru at the Miss Universe, the model decided to talk about Latina Weekly Report cameras to her hometown.

"It was a shot after a shot, the last was my redundancy when I was at home, I was very nervous and I wanted to be on my own, my family didn't want me to see any social network & # 39 At that moment I realized that I should be stronger than I was, "he said. Anyella degrees for Latina.

Also, Anyella degrees She made it clear that the decision of the organization had affected her strictly, but that she would continue her dreams in the world of modeling.

"It's impossible to be the same as with the front with a shot so hard, when you're drawing your dreams back, it's impossible not to feel. n evil, it is inevitable, but I trust in me and the person I am, in the abilities that I have. " my career and my future, "he said..

Anyella Grados apologized after losing Miss Peru's crown

Exreina apologized for everything that happened and was grateful for the support of her loyal followers.

"I have always said that all the people make mistakes and it happened to me, I made a mistake and I'm sorry, to the people who affected them sometime and even to; all the people who, since they had crowned them, trusted me and believed in me, "said the Peruvian model.

"I'm going to take some time for myself and my family, and then they'll know about me, I hope they can be happy with what life could surprise me," he said. Anyella degrees.

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