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Miguel Cabrera re-run a preseason home


March 10, 2019 08:35 PM
After lasting on March 10, 2019 9:07 PM

Supervision Satisfaction Happiness These should be appreciated and other ideas in the Detroit Tigers cave after seeing the results that have thrown spring training when recovering Miguel Cabera.

During his most recent appearances in league show games, Venezuelan star seems to be close to reaching his usual rhythm in the box and this Sunday, he got his second premature home in a duel where his Detroit Tigers were match two runs against New York Yankees.

The Cabrera golf, which was the fourth in the offensive and designated order, took place at the bottom of the second episode before the Nestor Cortés ships, the openers of the minerals in the day.

For Miggy that was his invaluable commitment in a few opportunities; 6 RBI and 4 arrived to leave their average in .400 (8 visits in 20 sessions) spread over a total of 9 games. These figures look more than encouraging them to be inactive for more than 8 months before returning to field at the end of February.

Cabrera was not the only Venezuelan who stood out during the day for the cats. Referee Hector Sanchez, who replaced him in the game, was driving in the other Detroit race thanks to full packing in the eighth.

Harold Castro utility jumped from the bench to play in the left field and in a few visits to the plate he could not hit.

More strength in the Grapefruit

Avisaíl García and Francisco Cervelli also punished the game competition with two homeries, but in the end one celebrated with a victory and the other had to settle for the defeat, in challenges that match Grapefruit Alliance

Garcia started his second full campaign to prepare for the season and was a key man in the Tampa & # 39; 8 over the Boston Red Sox. The coat slugger was served as the fourth bat coach and right before retiring with one ineligible in three appearances before the triggers.

Meanwhile, Cervelli could not avoid Pirates' conflict in front of the ninth ninth of the New York Yankees, which won 5 to 4. The mask opened his home control, as well as a hairdressing and pulling line; the average increased slightly to .143.

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