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Metro of Caracas refuses to re-engage with 17 employees


November 7, 2018 01:15 AM

The workers, pensioners and retirees of Metro de Caracas left yesterday the street to protest not only for the unjust redundancies, but also to call salary demands.

On Francisco de Miranda Avenue, they were gathered to call the recovery of Deillily Rodríguez and 16 other workers. The exhibition was supported by the Liberal Labor Party trade union coalition, and spokesman Mario de Nigris said Metro Metro's Presidency refuses to re-engage with 17 employees, despite a court order.

De Nigris confirmed that the company's Legal Consultancy claims that they reserve the right to reconnect anyone they want. "Deillily Rodríguez was shot without justification. We insist on re-engagement. He was thrown out for claiming his constitutional rights, as well as conditions for the proper operation of Metro Metro."

He has said so far that there have been more than 100 redundancies. For South Nigris, the fight goes beyond the claim for salary claims, because it is not only the low wage and pay tables, but also hyperinflation and lack of national production.

The spokesman called all members and union workers in general to realize everyone's union to promote social and economic change in the country. "The fight for changing the political system in the country, that is what we are doing today. The government-operated model failed."

They did not accept them. Despite insisting on the demands of the Metro workers who wanted to meet the president of the company, he did not go down to meet the demands of the attackers. Central Caracas Central Office doors were closed to employees and stopped the trip to those who protested in front of the headquarters.

The Metropolitan President of the Metro Metro, Juan Ovalles, also designated the arbitrary redundancies of the system's employees and insisted that the government re-instates the immediate people.

Deillily Rodríguez confirmed that they had been going to address different organizations to record the complaint about the redundancy and ensured that they had not received a response from any case. "We are protesting the refusals and we want to restore the affected people, and we are still asking for labor requirements," he said.

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