Friday , August 19 2022

"Maduro was a puppy, an ass, but the worst was Chávez," an interview with Catherine Fulop


For the protagonist of soap operas such as "Abigail" (1988-1989) or "Pasionaria" (1990-1991), behind the manager there are "very poor" people as president of the National Assembly for Wales, Diosdado Cabello, or as Hugo Chávez's ex-president, the "worst of us", and "sold" the country and "let the worst of the world enter into power only."

"If it had been, I do not know … could not have reached this dramatic situation, but it's going out of hand and when you're dealing with the worst in the world, nothing can end well, "he said.

In recent days, the family of the actress in his native country – from "middle class" – has been between the sword and the wall.

One of his brothers had to surgery for the neck cancer and Fulop himself was forced to ask the social media to help get the medication, because they found unchallengability in the Caribbean country.

Fortunately, thanks to a well-known connection in Buenos Aires, a journalist who had planned to travel from Argentina to Caracas this weekend would take the medicines that bought the model with her.

"People are very supportive, as the good guys are bigger. There are many people in Venezuela, pharmacies that started looking, friends, people of foundations found," he said.

When her mother asked, Fulop, who has not stepped on her land for eight years, she can not hold her tears.

"Conversation (by phone) with my mom is sometimes sad and it affects me in a strong way. Suddenly, he tells me my girlfriend, I have a blood density box, three slices of bread, I do not know if I'll find it, "he remembers.

In his view, Venezuela's "humanitarian crisis" is "intense" and everyday people, especially the most vulnerable, die, so he emphasized the need for international humanitarian aid, which Maduro rejected.

He also emphasized that not everyone is living poorly in their country, as a percentage of the population, between 10-12%, and "Government bent" has taken advantage of "all the situations where they could build mafia".

Regarding the Senate leader, Juan Guaidó, a self-announced president responsible for the country, Fulop, 53, praised that he was a "really focused boy" and "had prepared it very well ".

"It's a bad man who comes from a minority family. A man who has kicked his life has studied and gone on," he said.

Therefore, it confirms that the answer goes through leaving Maduro and its Government.

"These criminals leave power, leave Venezuela and rebuild it. As Guaidó says, there are three stages: give us the best of usurpation, transitional government and elections for free. So a new president and we can rebuild Venezuela, "he added.

The presenter wished the "next president", the result of those elections, either the opposition of Leopoldo López, who had been arrested since February 2014, or the opposition politics of Corina Machado.

A woman from a company of Argentina Osvaldo Sabatini, Fulop says half of his heart is Venezuelan and the other half in Argentina, and he assumes that he is in troubled countries (Argentina suffers long economic crisis), so he wants to put his "grain of sand" to help.

After taking part in beauty competitions such as Miss Venezuela, the actress's popularity began to film soap operas in his country with just over 20 years, and after that he worked in Spain and in the 1990's, he arrived at Buenos Aires .

"Producer called me here to make a soap opera with Carlos Mata. I dream of coming to Argentina," he remembers.

Today she recognizes herself as "super happy", with her husband and two daughters and "beautiful theater".

"Thanks to Venezuela, because Venezuela was kicking my career for me. Argentina opened its doors for me and I'm really grateful," he said.

His executive for his country, as his comments against the attitude of Pope Francis, who is accused of turning his back on Venezuela-, has earned him a lot of "insult", but he does not feel & # 39; n afraid.

"People who support this system really feel that they do not take my peace. I feel like they can not anymore. They do not have conscience. They are stored, they do not have a soul, "it comes to the conclusion.

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