Saturday , June 25 2022

Maduro is belittling the US view of the legislation


“It’s not Donald Trump choosing the deputies in Venezuela, not Ivan Duque of Colombia, the sovereign owner of Venezuela, the people of Venezuela choosing,” the President said.


Venezuela’s president, Nicolás Maduro, responded this Thursday, December 3, to the United States Government that it does not care about its views on the legislative elections being held on Sunday 6-D and that they have been labeled “illegal ”By Executive Donald Trump.

“We, from the streets of historic and heroic Caracas, say to them: Go to hell! We don’t care what the North American empire says, what matters is what the people of Venezuela say do it, ”Maduro said at the event. of closing Chavismo’s campaign for the legislative elections.

The President criticized that Donald Trump’s “dead” government has asked the international community not to allow Chavismo to “steal” the elections in which the opposition led by the head of Parliament, Juan Guaidó, will not participate in the United States. supports and recognizes as president in charge of Venezuela.

“You’re women, you’re young, your Venezuelan man who has the power in his hand to choose who is proxy, who is a proxy, not Donald Trump who is electing the deputies in Venezuela, not Iván Duque of Colombia, the sovereign owner of Venezuela, the people of Venezuela choose, “Maduro said.

Next Sunday’s elections have been questioned by Venezuelan opposition and countries like the United States for considering that they are not a transparent process because of, among other elements, political party intervention by the Supreme Court of Justice (TSJ), which is said be similar to Chavismo.

In particular, the Supreme Court put former militants ahead of those parties who had been expelled and accused by their former colleagues of being corrupt.

Those parties, with their names, acronyms and colors, will participate in Sunday’s elections by the decision of the leaders appointed by the TSJ and not by the politicians chosen by the militia.

The United States Government reiterated this Wednesday that Sunday’s elections are, in its view, unlawful and, furthermore, have indicated that it will continue to support Guaidó even when the new Parliament is installed.

A US State Department spokesman confirmed to Efe that Washington will “continue to recognize acting President Guaidó after Jan. 5,” when the newly-elected National Assembly (AN, Parliament) These elections take effect.

For the United States, “everything from the election calendar, to software without transparency, to the unlawful confiscation of political party names and logos on the ballot papers, turns the practice into a hoax”, and “the US rejects that process “.

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