Tuesday , May 17 2022

LG warming machines announced the new Alpha 9 Gen2 image processor for its 2019 teles


LG announced its new range of OLED television this year, which reached the high range (models C8, E8, G8 and W8) with news for advanced image treatment of Alpha Processor 9 can improve scale, movement and microwaves and image.

Now CES 2019 is approaching, it's about to move on with the news and the brand has announced that its next television will include a second version of this processor. o & name Alpha 9 Gen 2 (or a second generation) that can offer higher image image and perhaps some functionality that most of the players face as the HFR.

To start, the new Alpha 9 Gen 2 increases the number of steps for processing the definition of the videos that, by its creators, achieve greater clarity of images reduce effects, compression shortcomings and classic noise present in digital videos.

They also claim that they have improved the ability of the processor to deal with aspects of the image like contrast or color loyalty with new algorithms that use seven times more color references than in previous versions.

Alpha 9 Processor 7

But, of course, this year's news will be the ability of a processor to deal with videos HFR (High Frame Rate) or a high frame rate to 100 to 120 fps, although they have not indicated that if this function is also offered from HDMI input, for example, higher computer players looking for this function.

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