Saturday , June 25 2022

Lebron James signs an impressive extension with Angeles Lakers


The player of the Angeeles Lakers, Lebron James, has signed a extension o contract for two terms and the sum of 85 million in the NBA.

No rumors, no predictions and when no one expected it, it became known Lebron James will be with the Angeeles Lakers until 2024.

Iago He was a free agent once the 2022 season ended, however, now it will be until 2023 and from 2022 he will earn 42.5 billion dollars a season.

Here is the report;

Lebron James signed a contract for 154 million and four terms with the Angeles Lakers in 2018, after completing two seasons, I chose to stay in the Lakers for four consecutive seasons and not be a free agent in the NBA 2022.

Iago proven to be a leader and capable of everything in it Lakers, has already secured its first championship as promised to the owner of the Lakers and the fans.

Everything indicates that at this rate Lebron James ends his career in Lakers, since, when he is a free agent then he will be around 39 and possibly looking to retire from the NBA.

Now Lebron James is entering the three highest paid players of the NBA in the coming seasons, he is also one of the oldest players to win more than 40 million in one season alone.

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