Thursday , August 11 2022

Kentucky Derby 145 good match race


For this afternoon, at 6 and 50 pm, the 2019 edition has been arranged, very similar to the 1971 dispute.

IVAN ROA FRAME CARACAS.- At 6 and 50 this afternoon, the departure of the Kentucky Derby 145, the path to the triple crown begins with it.

This competition is similar to the 1971 competition, where it is Cannon, he attracted the attention of the hipismo world towards Venezuela.

That year, the favorite was Hoist The Flag, which was 6-5. Days before the test he was injured.

In this 2019, the majority believe it is a race where predicting the winner is not an easy task. And to give up, the favorite, Omaha Beach (4 to 1), removed when presenting epiglotic attachment. Not the foal Haikal in the game.

Of course, the morning line varied and now the favorite is the Game Winner (9-2). Then they follow in favor: Roadster (5 to 1); Unlikely (5 to 1) Then there are 2 8-1; two with 12-1; three with 15-1; 20-1; 6 with 30-1 and two with 50-1. Total: 19

As you can see, it's not possible to be surprised.

Three Venezuelans
The current must be: Junior cyclists Alvarado and Javier Castellano, and coach Gustavo Delgado. Junior and Javier are pony riders Tax and Vekoma respectively, while Bodexpress, trained by Gustavo Delgado, to be retired Omaha Beach.

The rain can appear
According to the weather forecast, there is a prospect of 80% rainfall. The last big surprise was the Mine That That, in 2009, because it closed in bets 50 to 1. In that opportunity, it was raining before the race. What will be the winner? This afternoon we will know. It's worth waiting for.

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