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Juan Guaidó or his mother's perspective

February 03, 2019 02:18 PM
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Fi It's been a long time since Mrs. Norka Márquez returned to the house that had seen the daily routine of three generations of his family; In his gestures his youth's doubts are identified. Before you go through the main door, neighbors greet you scary as if you did not move 17 years ago.

"I go back to my childhood, to my children's childhood, to my brothers; my dad I can remember family reunions; We met a lot and this house lived full of people. My mum liked to have guests in the house, "said Márquez, minutes after going in.

Facade of the Educational Unit Juan Bautista Arismendi, former home of the Márquez family Photo: Javier Cedeño

A wide corridor of the access can be seen, eventually, passing a gate, there is a canteen. The site that once belonged to the Márquez family is now a school, the Juan Bautista Arismendi Educational Unit. Going through what is used to be in the living room, next to short stairs leading to another level, there is a room where children receive classes. Many years ago, that room was room; Juan Gerardo room

Marquez became a mother of 19. Juan Gerardo says, as his relatives say, was the introduction to his brother: Gustavo, Jesús a Simón.

– Do you want to know if it is a woman or a male? – asked the doctor

-I do not want to know, because it's called Juan – Marquez responded

– Does she not have a girl's name?

– It will be called Juan – he emphasized

"I saw when I was born, I was a very big baby, despite the fact that I had a Caesarean section for a month because I had breeclampsia. He pushed three hundred five hundred and measured 53 centimeters. At that moment I & They showed me: I was smell and its smell was like a baby, it was a divine aroma, it smell like a son, it was a smell like myself and a thirst; it left me. "

Juan Gerardo Guaidó Márquez was born on July 28, 1983.


When the ice cream guy was ringing, and the sudden promise went to the caravans in the tinkling to Caraballeda, running Juan to the door of his house. Márquez, his mother, said immediately: "Fidel will make me debt with him."

-Fidel, I have no way to buy you – Marquez warned

– It's not important, I'll give you the ice cream and then you'll pay me – the ice cream man responded

Fidel, a dark dark tattoo since he was born, for several decades had walked the streets of Vargas selling ice cream. Norka and his brothers bought when they were children; Juan Gerardo and her brother too. The next generation also had the pleasure of trying the products of this remarkable character, which always brought joy to the children of the school where the interim president of the current Republic was established: Los Corales Institute (now Los Corales College).

Juan Guaidó's school card when he was studying a basic education sixth form Photo: Javier Cedeño

"Juan Gerardo was always a kid leaving, but he did not commit misconduct, but he liked to ask a lot and he loved many friends. If someone fell with another child, Juan Gerardo is going to protect, "said Marci Escalona, ​​Juan Guaidó's pre-school teacher.

School where Juan Guaidó studied Photo: Javier Cedeño

Psychologist of the Los Corales Foundation, Celi Escalona, ​​is mainly characteristic of transparency and sympathy in his behavior: "He speaks publicly as if I were talking to you privately. I believe that & The impression of Juan's greatest is what he has been inscribed inside without knowing what he was there ".

At the moment, although they have tried to keep their habits, things are different from what Juan has been studying. After almost 20 years of tragedy, each Varguense has before and after; a large part of his / her fellow pupils have left the country; and just a few days after presuming the National Assembly Presidency Juan Guaidó, the ice cream man, Fidel.

-Juan who hoped my granddaughter would eat Fidel ice cream. When he heard about his death he called me and said: "Mom, now Miranda, where do you eat ice cream? I wanted a girl to buy ice cream from Fidel."


January 13, 2019. Vargas

On that Sunday, Norka Márquez was in the place where the Open Cabildo would run. As the people who attended the call, she is waiting for her son to start and the event. But time passed and Senator's president did not arrive.

"I was with Ricardo, who's the best friend of Juan. He came up to me and said," Juan took. "I got a grip on the Virgin of the Valley image, pressing hard and said: & # 39: Mum and Dad, put my son safe and firm. "Markez cried, and said that one of the first images that passed through his mind in that moment Moment was one of them. Alderman Fernando Albán and one of the other political prisoners.

Minutes later, after Guaidó spoke to them, they released him Bolivarian Information Information Service (Sebin) officers. He was able to reach where his mother and grandparents were.

"It could not be taken away, Juan has protected, he has a lot of Santicos on his side. Nothing will happen to him, but if it happens to him, they will see me there. I'm going to tie myself up, I've always told you: if you're caught back, even for hours, I'll be imprisoned just like you. Where they are & # 39; n give you and they will not keep me from that place, but nothing will happen to him, with the favor of God and Virgin. "


Mrs. Norka Márquez continues to admire her old native country. She was already visiting her home and school where she and her children were studying. Now it's on a beach track. Vargasse and saltpeter are unfavorably sourcing their skin. She's tired; In recent days he has given more interviews than ever imagined in his life. The unchanged procedure changed and although the nerves are currently taking it, it says that it has to be equal to the circumstances, as did Juan. He is now talking about the teachings he inherited by his four children.

"I've told them to do what they want, but I do it well. I have always been a flexible mom; Of course, I ask for order, respect and values: perseverance, strength, moisture, love and unity. "In the case of his eldest son, she emphasizes that one of her / her merits is that she never uses the word to disagree, to the opposite, she has always served as a mediator in the discussions; That virtue, Márquez added, learned at home.

But everything is not perfect. Over the past couple of weeks, he has explained the media in many interviews with what the mains are most and his son is and most; and llanast.

"Stunning with your stuff and in your house, but it has always led to a rushed life. I remember one day they're going to the beach with dad and I did not leave them. I threw all the clothes to the patio. Juan laughs today and says: I did not learn that they were order, they are taught and being united. That is what I call as a mother and that is the insult I always give them. "


-Mam, do you want me to do it?

– Make her, son. We are with God and Virgin. Do your job; you and my work and me. Nothing will happen to me. The only thing that I ask for is to inform me of all the events.

In June 2015, the candidate then the National Assembly Juan Guaidó had planned to start a hunger strike, along with other political leaders, to call on State powers that the date of parliamentary elections, release & # 39; the prisoners of politicians, the best to resist and torture.

Together, the same day that Guaidó and the strike started at José José de Chacaíto Square, his mother had arranged an appointment with the oncologist, where they performed a biopsy to determine if he had cancer. Despite family circumstances, Juan Norka supported his social task. I went to the doctor without it.

"I could see it after I was released, I had three days already on the hunger strike. I went straight to Plaza Bolívar de Chacao and when I saw it, he said:" What What's wrong, what do you do here? I said to him: I will not leave you alone, son. Two days after he got up & # 39 ; The hunger strike, he gave us the news: it was positive. "

After invasive chemotherapy treatments, who were able to thank friends and family, Márquez managed to overcome the cancer of the cattle. "For something God gave me the opportunity to see this moment that we live. If God gives us this, something is. I'm here for something to support. And these tears are not sad, these tears are emotional. "

Circumstances like these have made Juan Gerardo a tougher person with himself and with loved ones. Since he started his political career in 2007, when he was an engineering student at UCAB, he has shown it publicly. But in her family role she was always like this. O little, he was a father figure for his younger brothers, a situation that worried Gustavo, Jesus and Simon, but now understands why.

"Juan told his brothers:" We have to work on things to get them. He called a lot of them and that's why they argued when they were in their stages of growth. Today they understand that part , why the older brother is so strong. Juan has been like an axle for them, even for me. It has always been a strong part of the house. "

Despite the strength of his eldest son, Vargas's disaster was one of the most influential moments on him. "That's a great hit because he left his friends, left his home, his home. Everything From his life, his world. World you took & mild; He was strong, strong okay. "


The time runs out Norka Márquez smiled, recalled, enjoyed, shared, felt luminous and also shouting. Now, before leaving your land, things to do in the future; but not only in the political field, but also in the family. They are many commitments and she knows that.

Politically and socially, he recognizes that much to do. "Freedom, solving the health crisis, incorporating lost values: respect among citizens, peace. Everything." But she is sure that her son, with the help of the Venezuelans, can achieve. "My son has a temper. He does not bend anything."

In the family environment there are problems in the future.

"Too bad my father is not there, my dad was enjoying this, he was older, Juan has died hard by the death of his grandfather, his fire could not, I was not here in Caracas at that time. and it was late already. I know that he has been relocated. On Sunday at the Mass, Juan looks at me and says: "

– And my grandfather's liver?

– In the House

"His dad wanted us to throw it to the sea when he died, in front of the Naval Catia La Mar School. Juan told me:"

– I will achieve that wish. And I'll be accomplished by being an interim president of Venezuela.

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