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Joan Laporta reveals the true reason for Leo M’s discomfort …


In recent days, Joan Laporta has been revealing some of the details of his shock plan as a candidate for the elections to the presidency of the FC Barcelona January 24 next. The former president of Barça introduced his project and offers some interviews where he increases his argument. The last one was on Cadena COPE’s ‘El Partidazo’ microphones.

Of course, One of the main topics of the interview was Leo Messi, whose future at the club is very unclear. “That question Leo Messi continues is not only a question of money, because Leo is not moving for money,” said the candidate, remembering “he loves Barça and has shown it by choosing the club over superior economic proposals. And I’m convinced that’s what I can do happily. “

Joan Laporta is clear that Leo Messi was hurt because the sports project had stopped for so long, something that has not allowed him to win the Champions League. “He’s hurt because they cheated him and that reduces a person who has spent years giving everything to Barça. He needs a try that allows him to win again. He has not suffered that other teams have lifted the League Champions when he wanted to win it, “he said.

In the same sense, Joan Laporta does not understand that Leo Messi in the squad has not won more Champions Leagues. “With the best player in the world in the team we should have won more of the Champions League. Unfortunately, other teams have won. We want to restore that idol we had with the Champions League and that has ‘to break it in recent seasons, “he said.

“Messi has hurt because they cheated him. He needs a try that allows him to win the Champions League again.”

The FC Barcelona election candidate admitted that he had an excellent relationship with Leo Messi and that the two maintained contact. “I’ve known him since he was 16 and I’ve seen him mature. He’s an extraordinary person, respected and appreciated by both and I have a habit of calling him to congratulate him when will be good news or encouraged when there is less good news, “he said.

Joan Laporta explained that “the last time I spoke to Leo was in October, when the burofax and everything happened” and that Argentina “knows that I want him to wait until there is a new president and he can make a serious proposal. We need to get inside to know the true position of the club and see if we can make an imaginative bid that can compete with the existing ones.

In this sense, He assured the former president that he had the complete confidence of Leo Messi and that any proposal he will submit will be to keep his word. “If I make an offer to him, Leo will believe it, because he always tells me that I have fulfilled what I have told him. Another thing is that he chooses my proposal over those that he already has, “he said.

Once again, Joan Laporta returned to comment on Neymar’s words. “Let’s be calm, because it’s normal for two teammates who are friends to want to get back together. Neymar respected the hierarchy and brought something into the dressing room and he Messi likes that. And that’s what he needs, a vibrant dressing room. Players need to re-motivate themselves to feel strong as a team, “he said.

On the fringes of Messi

Joan Laporta was also against the creation of the European Premier League, something he believes would be detrimental to the world of football. “If you just think about money, you end up loading the business and the essence of football. I think there are alternative solutions like the Club World Cup every two years,” he said.

Also, He also assured that he does not like the VAR or how it is operated. “As a footballer, I don’t like VAR. If he favors Madrid? You have to see that every last game in the last League has questionable plays … and they’ll explain to me how they throw the lines, “he said, about the end of the last League.

“Bartomeu has left a very bad legacy”

Joan Laporta also questioned the alleged alliance between Víctor Font and Xavi Hernández. “I would like to know what agreement Xavi has with Víctor Font, because it has not been clear. I have a friendship with him, but we have not talked about this issue. When I know he is free, I will have no problem talking with Xavi, “the candidate explained.

As for Josep Maria Bartomeu’s management, Joan Laporta does not have very good opinions. “Bartomeu has left a very poor legacy and the club on an unsustainable level of debt and expenditure. The Covid has affected him, but this has already come from the previous administration. I am not the one who has to assess whether he is the worst president in history. “Of the club, I’m not here to give those awards,” he said.

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