Wednesday , January 20 2021

Israeli discovery could lead to new obesity treatments

The findings were possible by a new algorithm developed by the researchers. He chose 27 molecules with the strongest therapeutic potential of a database of 1.56 million molecules.

Until now, the selected molecules, which activate the protein receptor Delta activated by proliferators (PPAR-delta), are being subjected to pharmaceutical assessments to treat obesity and the disease of incurable fatty liver, which is a major cause of liver cancer.

This protein causes muscle cells burn more fat and for that reason they have the potential to increase physical resistance and reduce the waist.

Then, treatment tests will be made to improve healing of wounds and to avoid the toxicity of the kidneys.

The researchers said that with such a large group of highly active molecules, there is a huge chance of finding treatments for several common diseases.

According to Integra Holdings, the biotechnology company of the Hebrew University, 21 of the 27 molecules They have successful pharmaceutical potential, especially as a possible cure for the fatty liver.

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