Friday , November 27 2020

In Guayana they enjoyed the charity concert

And where it is proposed to build the Youth Symphony Orchestra headquarters – in front of the Plaza del Hierro- so that citizens could enjoy the Venezuela Aid Live concert screen, held in Cúcuta.

Before the broadcast started, at 12:00 midday, some Guyanese were in the place to see the artists.

The society, political leaders and those waiting for public transport could enjoy the show until the signal was broken.

Rasimni Moyetón, one of the assistants and political leader, said that a screen assembly in the middle of Alta Vista was an initiative to give us a hope day for Guyanese.

He said, as many had to go to work and spend a lot of time on the stops, they got the chance to see what some actors, singers and artists generally make for Venezuela.

"We wanted them to see what happened in Cúcuta and the message of hope they were transferring".

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