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Hopefully Maduro and his friends will go forever


Tuesday 26, 2019 02:17 PM
Updated on March 26, 2019 2:28 PM

Henry Ramos Allup, deputy to the National Assembly, said on Tuesday that Nicolás Maduro and his relatives knew what would happen to them when they left power.

"They know what will happen to them when they lose power, they'll have to leave, I hope it's good," Ramos Allup said during his speech at the regular session.

Despite the actions carried out by Maduro, his relatives and Venezuelan security officers, he stressed that Juan Guaidó, a temporary president, will not dare, because the cost is too high, but they will continue to target the people in their environment. "

Ramos Allup told the rest of the parliamentarians that it was possible that Maduro and his companions had increased the demand to Venezuelan police officers. "Those hooligans that are hidden as police officers cannot tell us that they are following orders from senior officers because you are an offender like the one who gave you the order." , "he said.

Among the points to discuss for Tuesday's session is an agreement to reject the persecution against the Sergio Vergara deputy, and keep Robertit Marreo, head of the National Assembly Office and the Juan Guaidó Presidency arbitrarily.

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